From a snapshot to printed art on the wall

Practical ideas about home decoration with own digital photographs.



Canvas printing is popular for a family portrait from a professional photographer or a wedding picture. But any well achieved photograph in sufficient resolution could decorate an office or home.

A framed poster or canvas print from a photograph is in any case more personal than a poster from a furniture store. A few years ago, during a visit to a well know Swedish furniture chain, I noticed that most of the posters on the shelf had already been there in my own youth. This popular chain charges about £30 for a framed print. Own photographs printed onto a canvas cost about twice as much, but are infinitely more individual than posters from stock and they preserve personal memories.

Instead of standard decoration for our teenager’s room we printed a photograph from her skiing holidays which she chose, onto a large canvas. The print was so good and popular, that many more poster and canvas prints have followed since. It doesn’t really matter if a poster print from an artist makes a higher cultural claim. Own photographs reflect the photographers impressions, and thanks to digital technology, these can be reproduced, just like when telling a story through pictures instead of words. Most people with digital images from holidays, parties or family pics have such images which should be on display.

A comparison of large format prints from digital photographs tells that the pictures should be selected well:

– Some images require space and only work if they are large; think big!
– Would you still want to see that image on your wall in two years time? Then go for it!
– Do the main objects in the picture have large surfaces? Canvas will suit them well.
– Should finer details be clear and neat? Better process a poster on photographic paper.


Thanks to the digitalisation of photography, well achieved photographs are no longer the exclusive domain of trained artists. Pressing a button suffices to preserve the impressions of memorable moments. As quick as snaps are taken, they may disappear again; to make space for new, even better pictures, or because of a defective hard disk or a little bit of humidity in the wrong place, and in an instant, all the beautiful photographic memories disappear into the digital nirvana. 

Higher resolution, a bigger choice of pictures and the possibilities of artistic post-editing blur the borderlines between a snapshot and digital art. Digital art is a term coined in the 1990’s applied to art created usually using computer graphics software, digital photography technology and computer assisted painting. The technical requirements vary, but digital tools help lay users to create decorative works of high aesthetic standards. To reproduce a well achieved image, photo canvas printing is affordable and convenient. An Internet search will list hundreds of such photo canvas services. Here a test of >> two photo canvas printers<< .